Absentia Mentis - EP

by Perdition

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released November 4, 2013



all rights reserved


Perdition Wichita, Kansas

Symphonic Deathcore from Wichita, Kansas.

Brandon Maisch -- Vocals
Iian Stout -- Lead Guitar
Brandon Wilderom -- Rhythm Guitar
Jeremy Brake -- Bass
Mitch Dolezal -- Drums
Andrew Clapp -- Keys/Vocals
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Track Name: The Further
[The human mind is the most complex and amazing creation in this world
It is by far the most powerful machine ever built
The potential things that our mind can do is virtually unlimited
It’s just that, we mostly don’t have enough knowledge on how to utilize it
In reality, the mind can do anything it can think of.
Between the conscious and unconscious meanwhile,
is the preconscious state of mind
It is here where we grasp our long term memory
it’s like seeing things in the past but not being able to analyze it
the subconscious is the translator of our unconscious mind
If we dig deeper into its capacity and capability
it becomes anonymous universal intelligence
It contains unlimited power of wisdom]
Track Name: I, Creator
I am a multi-dimensional being,
Searching for the keys to the universe
Interrogating the stars with an age old riddle,
Why am i here?
Where did I come from?
Shut out in silence,
I return as one of the many,
blinded by lies and cheated by duplicity.
I begin to shape my home.
A place to be alone
A new society, born from the infinite
A kingdom built on my subconscious:
I am in control.
Alone in this place.
Isolation is a blessing.
In this state of mind, I envision the world in a whole new way,
Void of suffering.
Everything around me
washes away under the current of this feeling that sets me free.
A surging pulse runs through my veins
conveying me into tranquility.
I know the truth.
I am blind to the world, and it is blind to me.
I am alone in this place, but it is where I want to be.
Alone but empowered,
Absent yet here all along.
I am here, inside my mind
Where I cannot be seen (cannot be been)
a place so simple, yet complex,
Here i cannot be heard (cannot be heard)
A world within myself.
I call this illusion my home,
it is the only place i can be free.
I am the creator of this world,
this nightmare is just the beginning.
I will escape and destroy
Track Name: Dreaming In Frailty
Welcome to reality
You will never survive
This light that has shown through
will broaden this enigma i call my mind
Mourning my isolation in exile,
This world forces me into frailty.
I am tune with this new deception,
I claim my mark of sanity for all eyes to see.
Claim your mark
Step forth into exile
Step forward and accept this reality
This dream will unfold as it
takes you to a world where nothing is real.
We will be the gallows upon this Earth
Let this world suffer.
In this after life, the real world will be consumed by the potential of your mind.
Mourning in exile
Hell will swallow the skies away
Mourning in exile
Track Name: Throne Of Exile
You will tremble with fear.
I am in control of this place,
This kingdom i call my home.
This world i have created.
You cannot escape my grasp,
Nothing can escape the black hole of my subconscious.
There is no room for sanity, here in this metropolis of madness.
The sun the moon and I; a perfect trinity. We will drown the world in sadness, if we say it is to be.
Nothing can survive, if we do not allow it to live.
Not even the rivers will flow, while we are in control.
Give me a reason to differ your fate from the cowards.
Oh god what have I become?
My power is only limited, by what i cannot imagine.
I can see the world and its' past from my throne of the exiled.
I can see the pyramids rise from the sand, and the oceans swallowed by the land.
I can see the world, here from my throne of sorrow.
Track Name: Imprisonment
Deep in the mind of man,
nestled amongst the poison of cerebration
lies a parallel train of thought.
Locked shut inside a bone prison.
shrouded in the fog of forced outlook.
An Alcatraz of free thinking,
encircled by an ocean of doubt.
A place such as this cannot exist,
but for me, it is my haven.
A retreat from my torment.
An internal clock counts down the days
until this dimension of thinking becomes my only refuge.
I want to be free of this physical embodiment.
dismissed from this assemblage of flesh and bone.
Falling through time,
terminus draws near.
At last, my time has come
The earth crumbles below me,
and I wish not for one more breath.
The sun sets for the final time,
and the heavens open up on a vast canvas of a starry sky.
bliss replaces sadness
peace replaces apathy
The earth splits below me,
and I am no longer a part of this world.
I am finally free of this prison.
Earth has become my hell,
and the universe my creation
A new self is born.
My time has come.
Track Name: Void Of Suffering
[For me, good and evil no longer exist. The fear of evil is merely a mass projection here on Earth.]